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Brand History

Muirhead’s Scotch Whisky was first produced by Charles Muirhead and Sons, a whisky and wine merchant based in Edinburgh.

Charles Muirhead and sons was founded in 1824, and had its offices at 186 Commercial Street close to the port of Leith in the city of Edinburgh. Initially a wine merchant, the company soon branched out to become blenders and exporters of Scotch whisky, under their flagship brand Muirhead’s Blue Seal.

In the 1920’s the company was acquired by Macdonald & Muir Distillers, better known today under the name of the Glenmorangie Company.
In addition to the Muirhead’s blue seal standard blended scotch whisky, a number of premium blended whiskies were also produced under the Gold Label, Silver Label or Old Maturity brands.

Muirhead’s Blue Seal grew to become a household name in many markets around the world. The brand was widely distributed in the 20th century in South America, the USA, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

In 2008 Muirhead’s Scotch Whisky was acquired by another independent family distiller, also owner of the Tullibardine Highland Single Malt Distillery, and the brand is today distributed in over 30 markets around the world, both under the Muirhead’s Blue Seal range of blended whiskies, and the Silver Seal range of Speyside single malt whiskies.

The brand has always maintained a close relationship to the Muirhead’s Clan. The history of the clan can be traced far back in Scottish History. The name Muirhead’s means “Head of the Moor” or “Highest Point of the Moor” in Gaelic.

One of the most famous moments of the Muirhead’s Clan was when the clan was acting as the Royal bodyguard of King James IV at the battle of Flodden Field in 1513, on Branxton Moor. The battle opposed the Scots against the English. This was one of the most disastrous battles in Scottish History. The king along with thousands of Scots perished, including John Muirhead the laird of the Clan, and 200 of the Clansmen, after bravely defending their king to the end.

Auxilio Dei, “By the Help of God” is the Clan Slogan.

To Uisge Beatha (The Water of Life)

From storm clad highland precipices and craggy granite brakes it falls,
Over stock, rocks, through misty moorland, peated nooks and burns it rolls.

Mixed with barley, yeast, in copper, over smoky fire, nay it's still not quite there.

Then into casks, to mature in guarded, whispery, stone clad chambers to rest.

While mystically mingling and consorting with aged woods and time,
For never more fragrant dew was ever drawn into glass,

From heather covered, plaid hills and glens of a heartland held dear.
For a highborn heart was given to Uisge Beatha,

Be it truly Scotland's precious own, giving character and life To
Muirhead's Uisge Beatha, that is only grander when raised in honor and shared by all.

© Chev. Raymond L. Morehead, KCTJ, FSA Scot
Chief Elect Clan Muirhead